Feedback From Our Doctors

To Dr Adam,

I first experienced Cranial Facial Release (CFR) several months before taking the course. I noticed results immediately with just one trial session. I was unable to do the complete protocol because the doctor was not living in my area. I was able to breathe better than I had in years and slept better right away. I knew I wanted to learn the technique myself so I could better help my patients. At first, I wondered how this relates to chiropractic, but now I understand how it addresses an aspect of the nerve system above the occipital that I really hadn’t addressed with other techniques. I just completed the course to become certified. One thing I noticed personally after receiving CFR for just several sessions was that I was able to read small print without glasses (I’m 48 years young and have had that steadily decrease over the past few years, and wear progressive lenses to see up close) which I hadn’t been able to do in years! This isn’t just a subtle change, but is dramatic! I can’t wait to see what other benefits are in store as I continue receiving CFR. I learned so much in this training, and can not wait to get back to the office to start using CFR with my patients and everyone around. I have a renewed energy and excitement for chiropractic. I will be using this with another technique I have always used in part to clear subluxations below the occiput, but now have another amazing and unique tool to help overall nerve system function. Thank you Dr. Adam for this great seminar and developing this amazing technique!

Gene A. Perkins, Jr., D.C

Pompano Beach, Florida

Dr. Adam!

Hey man... just wanted to let you know how things are developing over here..
Originally after the seminar in den Haag, I thought I would wait until I had a small satellite practice opened up before I started using the technique... I couldn’t really see myself using CFR in the practice I have now..
But then...
A week after den Haag. An ice hockey player from Düsseldorf that used to be on the German National team that I adjust from time to time, told me he was diagnosed with Facial Nerve Paralysis.. I remembered this was one of the things which is supposed to react well to CFR.. I told him about the technique and he agreed to treatment.. the next day he came over to my house for treatment. Over the next week and a half he had 5 sessions...the whole time I documented his progress. Unfortunately before he came to me, he was already doing cortisone therapy so I can’t say definitely what was causing what...however after the third session, he felt a lot better. He told me right before session number 4 that he felt 80% better.. This was about a month ago.. Today there is no sign of paralysis whatsoever. Other than that, his breathing as well as overall condition improved noticeably.
About every week to 2 weeks I go to the ice hockey stadium and adjust the players. After the player with FNP mentioned his experience to some of the other players, some of the guys on the team wanted to get ballooned.. so, I brought my CFR gear.. I figured, since my work with the team does not take CFR into consideration in terms of compensation, I would demonstrate the technique to a few players and then they can decide on an individual basis who gets what and for how long..
On one particular morning, I ballooned 3 players.. All reacted very well.. BUT.. it got noticed by one guy who happened to be in the room at that time. He is the mental trainer for Fortuna a Bundesliga soccer team... He asked A LOT of questions... I thought I was in trouble...The next day I get a call from a soccer player who is having achilles tendon issues who wants an appointment (captain of the team, a really big deal)... The day after that, the fitness coach wants an appointment.. One week later, the goal keeper, who is having dizziness issues calls...
Adam , I have been SO close to working with these guys for YEARS! This was my goal for so long and now I feel like I have my foot as well as a good portion of my leg in the door! If things continue to develop this way, I’ll be officially the DC for the team soon.
As you can tell from the story, this is all happening because I just made the decision to listen to my gut and just start using CFR and not be a wimp about it.. It created so much energy that I got noticed...
I felt like I needed to Thank-you again for making this opportunity possible Adam!

So now, everywhere I go, I see people that need balloons! 😬 I am listening to innate and I will be officially starting with CFR in the big practice in about 3 weeks.. All the forms are being worked over and procedures adapted.. I will have about 6 hours in the week at first and we’ll probably increase over time. We’ll charge 760 euros for 1 CFR correction phase. I still haven’t decided where to do it in the practice since its all open room adjusting at our place.. but I might take one of the exam rooms..

Adam, one question though.. I know you have a lot of experience with athletes... This guy I’m taking care of now has had achilles problems for years.. It originally started on the rt side... went away for a good deal of time and now since 2 months is on the left.. Can you give me any tips? What to look for? Any supplemental therapies to look at? He’s been adjusted about 6 times and it’s been an up and down kind of scenario.. he’s actually having a little bit of an increase in the sharpness of pain around the tendon, which is probably a good thing.. when he stands up, he actually favors the left side instead of leaning away from the side of injury.
He has definitely a lot of cranial torsion.. we start ballooning in about a week. I’ll let you know how it goes..
Next time you’re in the neighborhood you get front row tickets brother!
Lots of Love.


My name is Dr. Charles Musich, and I recently attended Dr. Adam Del Torto's Cranial Facial Release (CFR) seminar in Burbank, CA.   I have been performing my own version of cranial balloon adjusting for over 20 years, and thought I knew everything there was to know about cranial ballooning - but Dr. Adam's CFR technique elevates this specialized procedure to a whole new level.   His systematic approach and organized treatment protocols are easy to follow, have predictable outcomes, and insure inter-doctor consistency which is what was missing from every other form of cranial balloon procedures I had learned in the past.   I left his seminar with a much better understanding of cranial function and an increased knowledge of how to incorporate post-inflation cranial adjusting procedures into my practice that no one else had ever shown me before.

I appreciate Dr. Adam's complete understanding of his specialized balloon technique and his unique ability to convey the information in an easy-to-understand reproducible format.  Miracle-level healing!

I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to "Raise the Bar" and elevate their practice to the next level.

Keep up the good work Dr. A-   You are truly making a difference!

Thank you

Dr. Charles Musich

Hi Dr. Adam. My Dad who is a pharmacist in Santa Monica referred one of his customers to you who had been hit in the head with a golf ball on a golf course. I hope he came to see you.

I have one case I would like to briefly review for you. This 9 year old boy first came to see me in December of 2014. His father brought him because the father had chronic sinus problems that were responding well to CFR. The boy likewise had chronic sinus problems. His entire right side was 5/5. This is my rating system to keep track of how difficult it was to get through. A 5/5 is so constricted that I cannot get through at all on multiple attempts. The left side was consistently 1/5, meaning on the first pump, the balloon effortlessly goes through. It took me 6 visits to finally break through to his throat. After that, it would take at least 2 attempts to break through on the right, but usually more than 2 attempts. On some days, try as I might, I could not get through on that right side. To the boy’s credit, he was a real trooper and would take it like a man.

He has now reached a point where we consistently get through on the first try on the right with a rating of 2/5, which for me is what I consider normal. Interestingly, the left side which was 1/5 has changed to 2/5 so we now finally have symmetry in the 2 sides. It has taken 37 visits and 1 year and 5 months to achieve. What the father noticed is how the boy’s appearance has improved as well so he began to bring the boy’s fraternal twin brother just for maintenance of his cranium with balloons because of the results he and his other son achieved.

I now see the father and the 2 sons once a month. I would basically spend 5 to 10 minutes with the boy who had the difficult problem for the 37 visits. I arranged a pretty steeply discounted price and cut out all the other stuff. Would he have improved quicker if I did all the other stuff? No way to tell but I think if I had charged him the standard fee and did all the SOT and other cranial work, he would have probably done 4 sessions and quit. What a tragedy that would have been to have to go through the rest of his life with this problem when he had started in the right direction, only to not go far enough down the path for success.

I think a case like this is important to report because it answers the question as to whether a case like this will eventually improve if you just keep going. I can imagine there could be other cases that would not change, even with this amount of treatment.  It seems that the vast majority of those who commit to coming until their fixed, have success.  You talked about getting a doctors blog up on the website. Have you gotten around to it yet. I would love to read of others cases, both successes and failures because I have certainly had some of those as well which are necessary for learning our limitations.

With Regards

Dr. Mark Leoni

Dear Doc Adam,
I am thanking you for your email and for your kind offer to support me with history material for my PhD thesis. Actually I was just about to share my excitement with the CFR technique with you. In a super short time I treat already a huge amount of clients with the CFR technique and I am getting more comfortable and confident with the technique.  In several cases, little miracles happened : smaller eyes on one side got equal right after the treatment, chronic headaches disappeared and in one case a man got his ability to for color vision back after he completely lost it when a horse hit his head 30 years ago. CFR brings not only a lot of satisfaction and excitement to my daily work, the great outcome also serves me with interesting stuff for my thesis. Especially because I always take before and after photos. You have no idea how greatful I am to you Doc! This email address here is the one you can send me the material, I appreciate. Attached you find some before and after CFR photos and a short video. Have a good time Doc Adam and be informed that I would love to join the Advanced CFR Seminar in 2017. I have to be there!
Best regards and hugs from Switzerland,
Dr. Pascal Goetz

Dr. Pascal Goetz

You put together a great team and I really got a lot out of this with you, Glenn, Jeff and Lois over the weekend.  You obviously put a ton of work into putting this all together and I appreciate it.
I'm loving doing this technique on patients and seeing the amazing results.  I'm up to 27 patients thus far (most have finished their 1st series).  Some have begun series 2.  Thx!

Tom Stuebe, DC

I just returned from a most extraordinary seminar given by Dr. Adam Del Torto (
I have never touted anyone else's seminar but this one ranked among the top 3 or 4 seminars I have ever taken in 30 years (and that's a lot of seminars).
He has taken a seminar we both took together around 16 years ago....done extraordinary research and personal training and has now delivered this 3 day intensive of "balloon assisted" cranial adjusting that incorporates these of tiny balloons that are carefully instead into the nose (nasopharynx) and quickly inflated to unlock cranial fixations and to mobilize the bones of the face and cranium.  SOUNDS DRAMATIC?  Yes it is and so are the results!!!
If you want to set yourself apart from all of the other doctors you know, if you want to have a most powerful "arrow in your quiver", this is the seminar to take and this is the doctor to deliver that information.  I found myself watching not just a great friend but an iconic doctor in the making.  What a treat!  Call me if you have questions...but better yet, look at his website and then call him.
With gratitude,
Peter J. Levy, DC

March 2017
I just finished a CFR treatment series on an English patient with a forceps birth and migraine and cluster headaches for the last 18 years.  While she will need ongoing treatment, she said it’s the first time in 18 years that she has had any relief, of any sort, for any length of time.  This work is powerful, not for everybody, but totally impressive and effective .I was able to refer her to the British doctor who has taken your course.  Keep spreading the work and thank you Dr Adam.

Peter J. Levy, DC

My name is Dr. Chris Tsai, and I just took Dr. Adam's Cranial Facial Release Seminar.  I have been a licensed DC for over 13 years and I can honestly say that this is one of the most educational experiences I have ever had the honor of attending.  This technique is AMAZING, and Dr. Adam presents the information in a concise & complete format that is easy to understand and ready to implement the very first day you get back in the office.  This was the missing piece of the puzzle I have been looking for, and I now feel confident that I can address 100% of the nervous system instead of just focusing on the spine where only 20% of the nervous system is housed.  This is truly a miracle technique and I strongly encourage everyone to learn this specialized procedure for the benefit of your practice and the welfare of your patients - it's Life Changing!

Dr. Chris Tsai