Discover the Power of

Cranial Facial Release

Chiropractors get 80% of their patients well by adjusting only 20% of the nervous system. Imagine what happens when you tap into the other 80%.

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Discover the Power of

Cranial Facial Release


Chiropractors get 80% of their patients well by adjusting only 20% of the nervous system.

Imagine what happens when you tap into the other 80%.

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  Dr. Adam Del Torto

Dr. Adam J Del Torto, BS, DC is a 1984 Graduate of New York Chiropractic College.  He is the founder and developer of Cranial Facial Release (CFR) – a specialized endo-nasal “balloon assisted” cranial adjusting procedure that often works on last resort patients who have not responded favorably to other forms of conventional treatment.

Dr. Adam’s integrative approach to treatment incorporates CFR technique in combination with SOT analysis & treatment protocols + Diversified adjusting procedures  to clear everything below the occiput before addressing the cranium.  It’s a complete analysis and adjusting technique.

Dr. Adam has lectured at multiple chiropractic forums in both the U.S. and abroad, and his unique approach to cranial adjusting has generated interest and enthusiasm throughout the profession.  He has been featured on the E-Channel, Celebrity News Magazine, and The Randy Alverez “Wellness Hour”, which has attracted international attention.

CFR is credentialed through Life West College, Life University, and Cal Chiro (formerly California Chiropractic Association) and recognized as an acceptable and viable technique throughout the chiropractic community.

Dr. Adam is also the creator of a new chiropractic convention called “CHIROPRACTIC ROCKS” – an annual event which features 20+ high-level speakers whose primary objective is help to “Shape the Future of Chiropractic” and “Create the Next Generation of Chiropractic Legends”.


 Cranial Facial Release

CFR, or Cranial Facial Release, is a highly advanced technique in the field of chiropractic care. This “Balloon Assisted” endo-nasal cranial adjusting method has proven to be effective in the treatment of a wide range of neurological and structural disorders. CFR was developed from the earlier Bilateral Nasal Specific (BNS) technique, which was first pioneered by chiropractor Richard Stober in the 1960s and 1970s.
Dr. Adam J. Del Torto, DC, a respected chiropractor in his own right, further refined the BNS technique to create CFR, which is much more specific and less invasive than the original method. With CFR, Dr. Adam J. Del Torto has successfully treated a wide range of cranial facial symptoms and has gained recognition in the chiropractic community for his expertise in this specialized technique.

Cranial Facial Release (CFR) is an advanced endo-nasal “balloon-assisted” cranial adjusting technique that has been used very successfully in the treatment of various neurological and structural disorders – often as a last resort treatment for difficult conditions after conventional forms of treatment have failed – for things like head trauma (TBI), PCS, post-stroke symptoms, Bell’s Palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, seizures, TMJ disorder, hearing loss, visual disturbances, breathing disorders, snoring, sleep apnea, sinusitis, deviated septum’s, emotional disorders, learning disorders, loss of smell, loss of taste, cranial distortions/deformities in infants + babies with plagiocephaly – the list goes on and on.  The primary objective of CFR is to open up the breathing passages and induce mobility in the cranial system (specifically the sphenoid bone) with the purpose of facilitating normal cerebral spinal fluid flow. 

The technique is performed by inserting tiny balloons in the nose (specifically the naso-pharynx) then quickly inflating to mobilize the bones of the face and cranium.  The procedure is performed in a series of 4 days of treatment, with specific bilateral inflation patterns administered on each individual day. It typically takes 3-4 series (12-16 individual days of treatment) to achieve maximal benefit from CFR.


 Dr.Adam Del Torto

Dr. Adam J. Del Torto is a highly qualified chiropractor who has dedicated his career to providing exceptional care to his patients. He graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1984 and has been practicing in Burbank, CA and Catalina Island ever since.

Dr. Del Torto is a specialist in Cranial Facial Release (CFR) techniques, a balloon assisted cranial adjustment method developed from Dr. Stober’s BNS technique. He has gained recognition in the chiropractic community through his lectures and media appearances, including Access Hollywood and the E-Channel, which has attracted international attention to his expertise in CFR.


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